I am the owner of Mitra’s Bath & Body, LLC and we manufacture and sell natural handmade skincare products. I initially began making skincare products out of necessity due to my daughter’s sensitivity to many over the counter products. Before I knew it friends and other parents were requesting the same products. I met gNEO at the Green Festival Expo in Washington DC, May 2017 and they have been my sole source for essential oil as well as other oils. Not only can I attest to the professionalism which I benefit from but I can say they provide the absolute best quality oil. They have been able to source the best of what we need and are very knowledgeable about the differences in their products. They almost have it down to a science! We recently found a distributor (Shea Global Trading) to sell and market our products in Dubai. The UAE follows the strict EU guidelines with respect to skincare products being sold so every one of our products had to be tested by their governing agency. Every one of our products came back with the highest ratings in quality and safety. gNEO, products and pricing have been instrumental and beneficial to the growth of our company. As long as I continue to use both carrier and high quality essential oils, gNEO will be my sole provider.