What a Fantastic find! We discovered gNeo (Get Natural Essential Oils in Manassas Virginia) after being approached by its proprietor in Northern Virginia store. As the general manager of SheaWoman Soapery (a small health and wellness boutique in Northern Virginia specializing in handcrafted, all natural soap), the pitch was familiar, and my skepticism high as I had heard it all before. But I tried one product (which was very good), then another and another and another! I was completely taken aback as each product in succession was simply beautiful. From the organic carriers and butters, to the essential and fragrance oils, I have been delighted with every purchase. gNEO’s commitment to quality, all natural, organic products is real and verified and their customer service is second to none! SheaWoman Soapery now looks to gNeo as our go-to supplier for many of our core ingredients and accessories.