Content writing & management in a nutshell:

  • Structured Contents – most of the listings on the sites will need to be structured and updated to provide professional look of the products and pages. Part of structuring will also require creating product labels and photos to be published with the listings, we use Adobe Illustrator for designing labels.
  • Pricing updates – We frequently update prices depending on market conditions so some of the products’ prices do get changed, updated prices will need to be propagated on all the selling platforms
  • Adding New Products – We add at an average of 5 to 10 new products each month, we have some backlog of existing and new products at the moment that needs to be cleared up.
  • Pricing analysis – We have many competitors in this area of offering especially from Amazon. Our current product prices are extremely low thereby possibly pulling down our brand identity. We want to position our brand as an elite brand but yet offering extremely competitive pricing to make it affordable to the consumers.
  • Engaging in social media – We are too busy for this so we figured someone who loves social media can help our company promote our brand.
  • Marketing campaign – We advertise on few sites and also attend trade shows. If a candidate is interested then she or he can contribute in this area as well from time to time.

This’ll most likely be ongoing role, resulting in full-time position for the right candidate.

Interested? Please send us your resume via Contact page or fax it to 703-991-4883