Aloe Powder


Type: Fine granular

Origin: Costa Rica

Aloe Powder - 25 grams

How well do you know Aloe powder that’s used in creating your product?

  • What makes a good strong and potent Aloe powder? The answer is high level of Daltons by molecular weight obtained from Aloe vera L aka Aloe vera Barbadensis in Acemannan. Acemannan works with the body’s immune system and macrophage to exhibit immuno-modulation by multiple immune stimulation which are important for immune enhancement.
  • Our manufacturer from Costa Rica creates three variations of Aloe powder but we decided to carry the best out of three.
  • We are offering professional grade Aloe powder, it is used widely by pharmaceutical companies and 32 hospitals in U.S..

Key characteristics of Aloe powder professional:

  • Extracted from inner gel of aloe
  • Acemannan content >= 65%
  • Fiber content >=10%
  • Avg. molecular weight of 1.3 million Daltons
  • No Aloin

Key Advantages:

  • 100% natural, preservative free
  • Unique process maintains active ingredients in their natural form
  • Highest concentration of Real Acemannan by official definition in the industry
  • Vertically integrated operation from plant to finished product with complete traceability
  • 5 years of shelf life
  • Can be exposed to high heat with no degradation
  • Pure and no carriers or fillers

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