Bay Rum is a masculine and timeless, this warm and exotic scent is made up of fresh citrus and island rum infused with lavender, patchouli, robust spices and vanilla.

Products IFRA Max Recommendation
     0 % Lip Products, Toothpaste
    0.04 % Deodorant, antiperspirant products, Eye products

Body sprays, Make-up, Wipes, Facial masks, fine fragrance

Body creams, Facial toner, Hand cream, Baby products

Hair treatment, sanitized products, sprays, napkins, towels, Fertilizers

     0.6 % Hair treatments
    0.11 %  Feminine hygiene products, Diapers, toilet paper
    2.5 % Soap, Shampoos, Foot care products, laundry detergent, house cleaning products
      75% Candles, Laundry detergents, fragrances products, Paints, Shoe polishes, Cat litter