Description: Car ultrasonic diffuser/humidifier used via supplied usb plug. If needed, this diffuser can also be used a humidifer during winter when car heater dries off your car cabin. In addition, use it as a sterilizer by adding alcohol or vinegar.
Capacity: 40 ml
Model: D40-B04 (hexagonal) and D40-B02 (circular)
Material: PP, PC, Alloy
Safety: Auto-off
LED: 7 color
Operation: Intermittent (3 mins on / 1 min off) and Continuous
Atomization Rate: 10ml/h
Voltage: 5V
Power: 5W; 0.8A
Night Light: Yes
Country of Origin: China
Product Dimension: 2.36″ diameter x 5.1″ height
Product Net Weight: 0.66 lb
Product Gross Weight: 0.85 lb (does not include shipping box and packing material)
Warranty: 1 year