Description: Chanel Bleu is a fresh scent that consists of an aromatic mix of lavender, jasmine, citrus, and woods. Also includes notes of grapefruit, musk, and sandalwood.

Products IFRA Max Recommendation
       0 % Lip Products, Toothpaste
       5.63 % Deodorant, antiperspirant products, Body sprays
        1.95 % Eye products, Make-up, Wipes
        87.5 % Hydroalcoholic and non-hydroalcoholic Products, cosmetic kits
        3.75 % Body creams, oils, Foot care products,
        3.13 % Facial toner, Hand creams, Nail care products, Sanitize products
        1.06 % Baby Products, Tampons, Feminine hygiene products, Napkins

Fertilizers, Facial mask

        2.5 % Hair treatments, Hair products
        6.25 % Soaps, Shampoo, Foot care products, laundry detergent,

dishwashing detergent, Household cleaning products

         31 % Animal sprays
         100 % Candles, Cat litter, Fuels, insecticides products, Paints, Shoe polishes