Indian Sandalwood Oil contains highest level of Santalol compared to other genus of Sandalwood Oil and is most costly in comparison as well among the sandalwood family. The origin of oil we sell depends on the batch in stock at the time of ordering, please contact us before ordering if you must know the exact origin.

This sandalwood oil is commonly known as Mysore Sandalwood oil, Mysore the region where Santalum Album has been grown for more than 2000 years. Due its popularity and scarcity, other countries and regions have planted this specie in many parts of the old including South Asian regions. When comparing our oil with oil from other sources it’s best to compare GCMS report and distillation date to get more insight of our sandalwood oil.

The finest Sandalwood is distilled from heartwood of a mature tree at least 30 years of age. It has a Rich, sweet, woody, creamy, buttery and balsamic aroma.


Odor and Appearance : Sandalwood oil is highly viscous and has a long-lasting, sweet and woody scent that it gets from santalol, the main aromatic component found in the sandalwood tree.

Country of origin : India

Botanical name : Santalum Album Lin


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