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Peppermint Rectified Essential Oil (Organic)


Extracted by rectification process of peppermint leaves.

Odor and Appearance : Freshly extracted oil is thin and clear, with a tinge of yellow. Its aroma is hot, rich, perfumery, herbaceous, and very minty.

Country of origin : USA

Botanical name : Mentha piperita



Organic Rectified Peppermint Essential Oil is result of re-distillation to remove aldehyde that are not needed in certain applications, other than that, it maintains all the other chemical composition of peppermint essential oils.

It is one of the oldest known and the most versatile essential oils in the world. It has found extensive medicinal use in treating nearly every ailment, ranging from skin conditions to organ and system dysfunction. Peppermint is particularly famous for its effects on the digestive system, where it alleviates nausea and soothes the stomach. Outside therapeutic practices, peppermint essential oil, is commonly used as a flavoring for food and drinks. It’s also a regular ingredient in soaps and cosmetics. Unlike several other herbs and essential oils, whose benefits mostly result from speculations, assumptions and traditional practices, the numerous therapeutic properties of peppermint oil have been vastly studied and proven by the scientific community. Peppermint oil aids in digestion, improves respiration, relieves pain, boosts the immune system, improves blood circulation, improves oral health, healthy skin and hair, relieves stress and uplifts the spirit.

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