Peppermint Essential Oil (Rectified) (India)

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Peppermint essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of the mint, Mentha piperita. A naturally occurring hybrid mint (watermint x spearmint), it is now cultivated worldwide. Peppermint essential oil provides a cooling sensation when applied topically, due to its’ menthol content. As such, it can be used in blends for muscle aches and pains, as well as to help ease headaches. Known to be an aphrodisiac, one should avoid use before going to sleep. It is also known to aid in digestive issues.

When an essential oil is “rectified”, it means that the initial batch of essential oil that was extracted is put through an additional, fractional distillation process. This allows for certain unwanted constituents to be separated and pulled from the essential oil, “purifying” it even more to make it. Rectified peppermint essential oil is commonly used in food flavorings, because the process of rectification removes the unwanted sulfur constituents, which impart a bad taste.

One important factor important to consider in Peppermint and primarily one of the driver of price is Menthofuran, low price peppermint oil is preferable in using non-aromatherapy based application and they tend to be cheaper due to lower percentage of Menthofuran presence. It’s recommended to use higher percentage of Menthofuran for aromatherapy application.

Odor and Appearance: A clear, non-viscous liquid with a strong aroma that is very minty, sweet and fresh.

Country of Origin: India

Botanical name: Mentha piperita

Type: Conventional

Extraction: Steam distilled

Mentha Furan: 2.15% by GC (subject to change when the batch changes)


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  1. Desiree B. (verified owner)

  2. ELIZABETH (verified owner)

    Incredibly strong and perfect Peppermint scent! Incorporates well into my formulations and cold process soap

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