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Camellia Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic)


Botanical Name: Camellia oleifera

Plant Origin: China

Processing Method: Cold pressed

Plant Part: Seeds

Odor and Color: Mild smell which is similar to of vegetal oils; slightly yellow hue, golden color

Options: 4 fl oz
Options: 8 fl oz
Options: 16 fl oz


Oil Summary: The organic virgin camellia seed oil is cold pressed extracted from the seeds of the Camellia oleifera. Virgin and unrefined yellow oil in color with mild nutty odor.

Organic virgin camellia seed oil has lower saturated fatty acids and high on monounsaturated fatty acids than olive oil making it an ideal choice for cooking. It is a much healthier alternative than utilizing other oils for cooking, therefore promotes a healthier quality of life.

This oil is used in cosmetic applications due to high levels of vitamin E and antioxidants, absorbs easily on the skin and is non-greasy. In addition, naturally helps with the aging process by enhancing the appearance and health of one’s skin, for those yearning to preserve the youthful look. Also, helps with moisturizing hair by restoring volume and moisture. Additionally, also does wonders for eyelashes in helping it to look and feel soft yet healthy.


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