All relevant information regarding purchasing, shipping and return for gNEO can be found on this page. If you don’t find an answer or the information you are looking for then feel free to call us or send a message via Contact page.

To subscribe for product updates and specials:
  • Call +1 703-646-1364
  • Submit your request on Contact page
To Purchase:
  • We have enabled purchase of some oils directly online and for limited quantity, Online Shop. For large orders please use one of the following methods listed below
  • Call +1 703-646-1364
  • Submit your (PO) request on Contact page
  • Fax your purchase order to +1 703-991-4883
  • We accept credit card at no service charge for orders up to 3000 USD via
  • No discounts will be honored when using credit cards.
  • All credit card payments are subject to verification to deter fraudulent transactions; we may request for identity proof to match with billing address submitted for online or email transactions for unverified users.
  • We also accept banker’s check, regular U.S. issued check or money orders; payment instruments should be sent to our business address. Your order will be shipped once your payment is cleared. Alternately, wire transfer can accelerate the shipment process and this is also the recommended approach for international orders.

  • We no longer offer free shipping because it isn’t cost effective for all oils. We have lowered our cost and shipping is no longer included in our cost model bringing transparency on cost of purchase from shipping.
  • Shipping sometimes is not calculated accurately or doesn’t offer shipping via USPS and therefore we advice you to contact us for shipping information to your destination if you feel it’s incorrect. We also refund excess shipping if the shipping paid by customer is in excess of what it should be.
  • We may use freight shipping for large orders, the shipping tool does not offer that option at the moment.
  • FedEx offers free insurance for orders up to $100 and priority mail offers free insurance up to $50. We’ve implemented insurance charges to make sure your package is insured, contact us if you want to waive the insurance but please note we won’t be responsible if your package is lost or damaged.
  • gNEO will pay for return shipping if we made a mistake in shipping the wrong product.
  • Customer satisfaction is important to us. If the quality of the product did not meet your expectation then you can ship the item back to us within 90 days, please request for return authorization. Re-stocking fee of 15% may apply if more than 5% of the product is used, for expensive oils the threshold is 2%. Customer will need to pay for return shipping.
  • We advice customers buying or intending to buy large quantity to try out a sample from the same batch before ordering a large quantity, for our wholesale customers sample is free within U.S.; for new customers we request shipping charges or we can use your shipping account.
  • Glass Bottles
    • Amber bottles are used for smaller quantity and up to 4 oz of essential oil.
    • Aluminum bottles are used for 8 oz to 2 kilos for essential oil; exception being Sandalwood, we use 2.5 and 5 kg Al containers.
  • Steel Containers
    • 1 Gal steel containers for essential oils with exception of Sandalwood oil
  • Plastic Containers
    • Carrier oils and hydrosols are shipped in plastic containers for 32 oz, 64 oz and 1 Gal (equivalent to 123 oz to 128 oz depending on the oil/water content based on viscosity of the liquid)
Containers and closures – Returns and Exchanges:
  • gNEO will pay for return shipping if we made a mistake in shipping the wrong product and will ship replacement at our cost.
  • Customer satisfaction is important to us but regrettably returns or exchanges are not allowed in this product category due to organic certification policy.
  • Customers are required to test for compatibility of their product before purchase. No refunds or exchanges will be allowed in this product category.
    • Request for free sample for compatibility test