gNEO’s privacy philosophy:

  • Your personal or business information is not shared with other vendors or 3rd party unless necessary to run certain features of the website.
    • Currently, we are aware of these 3rd party vendors who may have limited access to your information.
      • CardConnect – All online payment transactions are made via CardConnect so they do have some of your information based on your login credential or if payment info is entered directly on their website or their widget.
      • Customer Feedback – We use 3rd party software to generate manual or automated feedback collection, they may have limited information about you and your purchase, they don’t have your mailing address, phone number or the credit/debit card information.
      • Mailchimp – We use this service for periodic updates to our customers, they have our customers’ email address or at the most first and/or last names in addition to email id.
  • Your payment information is not stored in our system nor we have access to Paypal financial or Credit/Debit card information.
  • Wholesale customers who call in repeatedly to apply their future charges to their credit card will need to fill and provide credit card authorization form to us, we will make every attempt to safeguard your credit card information. Should any breach occur, we will contact the affected customers immediately. However, lately, we send payment links to the customers to avoid credit card information storage at our facility.
  • We have no access to your online account password, regrettably we’ll be unable to provide your password in case you have forgotten, we are only able to reset your password and/or provide a new one. Please call to start the identity verification process.