African Sandalwood Oil is the most economical alternative to East India Sandalwood Oil or any Sandalwood oil category. The content level of Santalol is the lowest compared to all other genus of Sandalwood Oils we carry and therefore the cost tends to be lower as well.

Osyris Lanceolata is grown in mid-Eastern parts of Africa.

Sandalwood oil – Osyris Lanceola (standard grade): Santalol level is the lowest amongst other grades of Osyris Lanceolata therefore we call it standard grade. Combined ?- Santalol and ? Santalol levels are in high single digits.


Odor and Appearance :Sandalwood oil is highly viscous and has a long-lasting, sweet and woody scent that it gets from santalol, the main aromatic component found in the sandalwood tree.

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Botanical name : Osyris Lanceolata


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