Monkey Farts Fragrance Oil is a tropical, fruity favorite. A fruity pear and banana type with top notes of peach, apple, grapefruit, orange, and banana, middle notes of violet, lily of the valley, coconut, plum and cyclamen, with a woody, musky, heliotrope, tonka bean and sugary vanilla base note.

Details: Phthalate Free
Applications: Hair Care, Personal Care, Candle, Industrial , Soap
Added Maximum % Vanillin & Ethyl Vanillin Combined: 1%


Products IFRA Max Recommendation
   0 % Lip Products, Teeth products
   1.17 % Deodorant, antiperspirant products, Body sprays

Eye products, Make-up remover, Wipes, Facial masks

Hydroalcoholic and non-hydroalcoholic products,

cosmetic kits, Body creams, oils, Foot care products,

All powders, Facial toner, Facial creams, Hand cream

Nail care products, Sanitize products, Hair products,

Animal sprays

   0.58 % Baby products, Tampons, Feminine hygiene  products

Napkins, Fertilizers

   1.83 % Hair treatments
   5.42 % Soaps, Foot care products, laundry detergent,

dishwashing detergent, Household cleaning products,

    100 % Candles, Laundry detergents, Cat litter, Fuels, Paints,

Insecticides, Shoe polishes