Get Natural Essential Oils (gNEO) is operational for two years in United States to deliver quality oils and service to our aromatherapy and makers of bath and body product customers.

Our mission is to provide customers seeking small to medium size batches of natural essential and other natural plant oils at a bulk price and to cut down on delivery time by stockpiling products in No. Virgnia (U.S.) to meet your long term and/or immediate needs.

If you don’t find the oil you are looking for on our website then please contact us so we can source it or provide alternative solution.

We became USDA certified organic facility in mid 2018 and every organic oil listed on our website has gone through certification process to ensure it complies per NOP guidelines. Contact us if have any questions on this topic.

We also offer private label service to our customers who don’t want to do the heavy lifting, please check our private label page for more information.

Our business philosophy:

  • Provide best quality and unadulterated oil. Our oil may not be cheaper in some cases but we stand behind the quality of the products we sell and at times some prices may appear to be higher than the competitors.
  • We keep our cost of operations and margins to bare minimum to make it affordable to our customers.
  • We will ship your order the next day or the same day depending on the time of order, please refer our faq page for more information on our shipping policy.
  • We do not believe in compromising on quality for price, therefore it may seem our prices are high in some cases but you’ll find good quality product.