Description: 2 Gallon white HDPE plastic pail of 70 mil thickness with handle. 2 gallon white HDPE plastic pail. Round plastic pails are the tried and true method of storing heavy-duty, industrial, economy-size liquid and dry products. The edges are tapered so the pails can be nested inside of each other when empty. When fitted with a lid, these pails can be stacked to optimize storage space. Round plastic pails are ideal packaging solutions for food products, paints, liquids, powders, honey, oil, chemicals, agricultural products, fertilizers, and more. High density poly-ethylene (HDPE) is marked with the resin identification code of 2. HDPE has a high tensile strength, good resistance to chemicals, good impact resistance, highly rigid, and highly scratch resistant.

Color: White
Size: 2 gallon
Material: HDPE
Diameter: 9.6 in
Height: 9.5 in