Amyris essential oil is characterized by its gentle, woody, and balsamic aroma. For quite some time in the past, Amyris was mistakenly referred to as sandalwood as the two resembled in various properties. This aromatic plant’s oil has been used for a long time to effectively treat diarrhea, respiratory ailments, influenza, and cleaning wounds.

While Amyris is indigenous to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, its many uses and benefits have played a role in its spread across the world in countries with conducive yet favorable tropical climatic conditions.

This essential oil is extracted by steam distilling of the wood and twigs of the Amyris or Candlewood tree.


Odor and Appearance : A clear, pale yellow, viscous liquid with a distinct odor suggestive of sandalwood.

County of origin : Haiti

Botanical name : Amyris balsamifera


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