Vetiver essential oil is among the few essential oils whose potency improves with age, others being patchouli and sandalwood essential oil. Like the two oils, vetiver’s chemical composition varies with the plant’s location.

Regardless of its origin, however, the oil’s layout of ingredients is incredibly complex, known to harbor over 100 components. Most of these compounds are sesquiterpenes derivatives, mainly khusimol, vetiselinenol, alpha-vetivone, and beta-vetivone. The relative abundance of vetivones in the oil ordinarily dictates its quality.


Odor and Appearance : Today, the medicinal Vetiver roots undergo steam distillation to extract essential oil. Fresh oil is golden or dark brown in color, with a bold, woody, earthy, herbaceous, and spicy aroma.

Country of origin : Haiti

Botanical name : Chrysopogon zizanioides


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