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Cassia Essential Oil


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The essential oil of Cassia is derived by steam distillation of its leaves and twigs. Bark is also used sometimes to extract the oil.

Odor and Appearance : A clear, pale yellow, viscous liquid with a distinct odor suggestive of sandalwood

Country of origin : China

Botanical name : Cinnamomum cassia

Cassia Essential Oil - 15 ml
Cassia Essential Oil - 1 fl oz
Cassia Essential Oil - 2 fl oz
Cassia Essential Oil - 4 fl oz
Cassia Essential Oil - 8 oz
Cassia Essential Oil - 16 oz
Cassia Essential Oil - 1 kg (35.2 oz)
Cassia Essential Oil - 1 Gallon (Net Wt. 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs)
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Cassia Essential Oil - 5 kg / 11 lbs
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The chief constituents of the essential oil of Cassia are benzaldehyde, chavicol, cinnamic aldehyde, cinnamyl acetate and linalool. Chinese healers knew the medicinal uses of Cassia far back in history. The health benefits of Cassia Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an anti-diarrhea, antidepressant, anti-emetic, anti-galactogogue, antimicrobial, anti-rheumatic, anti-arthritic, astringent, antiviral, carminative, circulatory, emenagogue, febrifuge and stimulant substance.

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