Description: Cistus oil has a long history of medicinal use such as helping with circulation and the immune system. It is used for in aromatherapy for staph, e. coli, and candida. It is also known for its ability to heal wounds as well as its ability to tone the skin. The aroma of Cistus, also known as Rock Rose, offers a spicy, woody, soothing and strong perfume. It mixes well with Neroli, Lavender, Lemon, Tuberose, Cedar, Jasmine, Helichrysum and Cypress. In Morocco, Cistus leaves were more important for their healing properties than their soothing fragrance. Rubbing the leaves on surface wounds and insect bites provided relief and promoted quick healing. Cistus vapor was also used to clear the respiratory tract and relieve cold and flu symptoms. Organic Cistus essential oil is derived from the highly beneficial leaves of the Rock Rose plant through steam distillation. This oil was also traditionally used for respiratory support as it warms the chest and clears the lungs and is effective against colds and bronchitis. It is known for clearing the respiratory system of excess mucus and blockages. It provides nourishment to the skin and is excellent for mature skin complexions as it offers a significant astringent activity for toning and tightening the skin. That would explain why it is a priceless additive for anti-aging skin regimen. Any inflammation in the body leads to pain. Whether it is a sore throat, sunburn, acne, rosacea, or painful muscles. Cistus essential oil’s anti-inflammatory properties combined with its palliative properties work to soothe any inflammation; kills the pain and helps with quick recovery.

Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus

Plant Part: Flowers and Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Odor and Appearance: A golden yellow with a mild aroma that is herbaceous, peppery, and slightly floral.

Country of origin: Spain

Main Constituents: a-Pinene and Camphene

Common Uses: Cistus Essential Oil finds common use in perfumery for its deep, resinous scent that adds complexity to fragrances. Aromatherapists value it for its calming and grounding qualities, often incorporating it to create a tranquil atmosphere and promote emotional balance. Additionally, the oil is sometimes diluted and applied in skincare routines for potential skin benefits and wound healing properties. Its soothing aroma also makes it suitable for meditation practices, offering a serene backdrop for contemplation.

Note: Base note.

Blends well with: Neroli, Lavender, Lemon, Tuberose, Cedar, Jasmine, Helichrysum and Cypress.

Contraindications: It can potentially cause skin irritation or sensitization, especially if used undiluted or in high concentrations. Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should avoid its use due to limited research on its effects. People on blood-thinning medications should exercise caution, as the oil might interfere with clotting. It’s wise to be cautious with Cistus Essential Oil if you have bleeding disorders, recently underwent surgery, or have sensitive skin. While not highly phototoxic, minimizing sun exposure after application is recommended. Ingestion is discouraged without professional guidance. It’s recommended to conduct a patch test and consult a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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