Cumin Essential Oil is steam distilled from the seeds of the Cumin plant. It is an annual herb that has been used since ancient times; from the Romans to the Egyptians. Cumin essential oil can be used when cooking to create a spicy and flavorful dish, much like cumin powder. In fact, cumin essential oil can be used as a substitute for cumin powder in many dishes. Mainly known for it’s benefits to digestive health and discomfort, it can also be used to promote oral health. Emotionally, cumin essential oil can help a person clear emotional pain that has lingered from some form of trauma. Not to be confused with black cumin seed essential oil, cumin essential oil has a warming effect on skin due to it’s concentration of cuminaldehyde.


Extraction Method: Steam Distillation – Seeds

Odor and appearance: Clear with a tint of yellow and an earthy, spicy aroma, similar to cumin powder

Country of Origin: Egypt

Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum


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