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Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir)


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Grown in the Kashmiri Valley of India, located at the base of the Himalayan mountains, lavender from Kashmir. Grown at high altitudes, it is especially high in linalool content, which is considered to be the element responsible for its soothing and calming properties. It is also lower in camphor, which makes it better for sleep, relaxation, anxiety and pain relief, but likely not as effective for antiseptic use. Because of the relatively small growing area, Kashmir lavender is much rarer than other types of lavender essential oil.

Odor and Appearance : Lavender oil is a pale yellow and medium-weight oil that exhibits a rich, grassy and herbaceous scent.

Country of origin : India (Kashmir)

Botanical name : Lavandula angustifolia

Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 5ml (Sample)
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 15 ml
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 1 fl oz
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 2 fl oz
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 4 fl oz
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 8 oz
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 16 oz
Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir) - 1 kg (35.2oz)


Kashmir Lavender Essential Oil has long been used in the production of perfume. Our Kashmir Lavender essential oil is one of the best Lavender essential oil we’ve come across any Lavender essential oil, it has low camphor content making it a desired and preferred Lavender oil for those who don’t like high camphor contents in regular Lavender. No pesticides used. This product has GCMS report if you are interested.

Lavender oil may be useful for alleviating anxiety and sleep disorders. It also has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and mood alleviating effects.

Rene Gattefosse, a French scientist of the early 20th century and considered the founder of modern aromatherapy, was able to soothe the pain and heal a burn sustained in a laboratory accident with lavender oil. It was widely used on the WWI battlefield to treat as well as prevent infection, prized for its antiseptic qualities.

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5 ml (Sample), 15 ml, 1 fl oz, 2 fl oz, 4 fl oz, Net Wt. 8 oz, Net Wt. 16 oz, 1 kg / 2.2 lbs

8 reviews for Lavender Essential Oil (Kashmir)

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  1. Morris Hawkins (verified owner)

  2. Morris Hawkins (verified owner)

  3. Just Be (verified owner)

    This Kashmiri Lavender Essential Oil is by far the most elegant aroma of Lavandula angustifolia oils grown and distilled in other regions. In terms of chemical constituents, Kashmiri Lavender has the lowest percentage of camphor. We have found that clients who don’t normally favor the scent of Lavender are pleasantly surprised how much they enjoy this essential oil.

  4. Erika (verified owner)

    This lavender is one of kind! I ordered a sample and will get a larger quantity!

  5. Erika N. (verified owner)

    An absolute favorite! This is one of the best lavenders I have smelled! Has a lovely herbaceous but very floral fragrance! Very strong and has helped heal my burn and also puts me to sleep very quickly!

  6. Morris (verified owner)

    This Oil is the best quality I have ever used and I have tried many other options.

  7. Jeff Fischer (verified owner)

    Less aromatic than I expected. The ordering process was great and the order information provided by the company was very informative.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

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