Lavender natural blend oil or Lavender 40/42 natural blend is used primarily for cosmetics, perfumery, and candle-making, but is not indicated for therapeutic use. It is a mixture of different lavender essential oils and natural ingredients, the blend intended to help produce a consistent product from year to year. The 40/42 ratio denotes the standardized linalool and linalyl acetate concentration of 40-42%. If you are looking for a versatile oil to use for any fragrance purposes, 40/42 provides an affordable and predictable quality that you can count on. The 40/42 is a thin, clear to pale yellow liquid with a slightly more intense camphor aroma than your average 40/42, and smells just like fresh lavender flowers.

A colorless or yellow liquid having the characteristic odor and taste of lavender flowers.


Odor and Appearance : Infrared spectrum to match standard.

Country of origin : USA (Assembled in USA with ingredients from different countries

Botanical name : Natural ingredients


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