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Organic origanum vulgare is the commonly known spice oregano, a pungent and versatile culinary herb common to Italian and other Mediterranean cuisine. Its aromas are warm, camphorous, spicy, savory and herbal, and whether using for medicinal, antibacterial or culinary purposes, a tiny bit of this powerful essential oil goes a long way. he name originates from the Greek language, a combination of the words oros, or joy, and ganos, or mountains. Hippocrates wrote much about oregano, and was one of the first to note its powerful antiseptic qualities. Today, it is a staple in spice racks everywhere, and for most, its familiar and comforting scent remains a powerful appetite stimulant.

Steam distilled from the leaves and the flowers of the plant.


Odor and Appearance : Pale, thin, amber-yellow liquid with a medium-strength middle fragrance note.

Country of origin : Spain

Botanical name : Origanum vulgare


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