Organic Avocado oil at wholesale prices and shipped next business day.

Avocado oil is expeller pressed from Persea Gratissima and is unrefined. Avocado oil is known to delay aging as it is rich in essential fatty acids. Avocado oil easily penetrates skin, acts as sunscreen and helps in cell regeneration.

It’s extracted after being pressed from the fruit of the avocado, the oil is fully refined giving it a clear yellowish green appearance. The refining process also removes most of the odor and taste, making it a relatively bland finished product.

Avocado oil is widely used in food, nutritional supplement and cosmetic applications.

Organic Avocado oil is of virgin type and deep green in color.

Type: Virgin, Organic and Expeller pressed

Origin: Kenya

Botanical Name: Persea Gratissima

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