Sesame Seed Oil (Organic)


Color and appearance: It has a rich golden color with a bold and nutty flavor.

Type: Organic, expeller pressed, unrefined (Virgin) and unroasted

Origin: India, Mexico

Botanical Name: Sesamum Indicum

Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 4 fl oz
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 8 fl oz
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 16 fl oz
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 32 fl oz (Net Wt. 0.9 kg / 2 lb)
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - Half Gallon (Net Wt. 1.8 kg / 4 lb)
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 1 Gallon (Net Wt. 3.7 kg / 8.2 lb)
Sesame Seed Oil (Virgin) (Organic) - 18 kg / 39.6 lbs

Organic sesame seed oil is extracted from plant seed known as Sesamum Indicum, it’s relatively stable, making it an ideal oil for nutritional supplements, culinary applications such as frying and dressings, and cosmetics. Industrial applications exist as well ranging from insecticides to coatings.

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