Styrax essential oil is often confused with Benzoin because both are derived from solid resins that are naturally found. Also, Benzoin comes from the Styrax plant, further confusing novice users. However, Styrax essential oil is derived from the Liquidambar plant. The best way to avoid confusing Benzoin and Styrax (and Storax!) is to learn the Latin (botanical) names of each. Historically, styrax was cultivated throughout Central and South America. The ancient Aztecs used it medicinally in their healing traditions. After the Spanish Conquistadors accomplished their conquest of Central America, styrax was imported to Spain in large quantities for perfumery and medicinal uses. Styrax is most commonly used today, as an odor fixative in perfumery. It also has anti-bacterial properties and is a middle note in perfumery.


Extraction Method: Hydrodistillation – Resin

Odor and Appearance: Clear with a mild aroma that is sweet, balsamic, faintly spicy almost like cinnamon, and slightly floral.

Country of origin: Honduras

Botanical name: Liquidambar styraciflua


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