Frosted PP/PS double wall jar 53-400


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Frosted PP/PS double wall jar 53-400 - Clear Frosted, 1 oz, 1 count
Frosted PP/PS double wall jar 53-400 - Clear Frosted, 1 oz, 25 count
Frosted PP/PS double wall jar 53-400 - Clear Frosted, 1 oz, 50 count

Description: The 1 oz frosted double wall round base jar has 53-400 neck finish. Double wall jars are 2-piece containers: the shell and the liner. It is called “double wall” because the two containers nested inside of each other create two walls. This jar has a rounded base. This jar is made of two pieces. The inside is made of polypropylene (PP). PP is light-weight, durable, flexible, and highly resistant to fatigue and heat. It has a high shatter-resistance rating. The outer piece is made of polystyrene (PS). PS is light-weight and hard. It has limited flexibility and is more brittle than other plastics. This is a great container for products containing essential oils, so long as the ratio of oil to product is low (around 5% or less). This jar is typically used for lotion, cream, serum, gel, putty, clay, hair products, skin products, cleanser, and other personal care products. This jar has a 53-400 neck finish, and will fit closures with the same finish. The first number is the diameter of the container’s opening (in mm). The second number refers to the thread/style/depth of the closure’s skirt.

Color Frosted

Material PP/PS

Diameter 2.169 in*

Height 1.594 in*
Maximum Recommended Trim Size For Label: 8.7492 x 0.6887 (w x h)

*Measurements vary by supplier. Contact us for accurate measurements


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