18-DIN Euro Dropper (1.2mm Orifice) (China)


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18-DIN Euro Dropper - Black, China, 1 count
18-DIN Euro Dropper - Black, China, 50 count

Description: Euro dropper caps in  black to fit 18-DIN euro bottles. Our Euro Ribbed Cap 1.2mm Orifice Dropper Assembly has many features. A ribbed Non-Child-Resistant PP (Polypropylene) cap. This Ribbed Cap assembly features an HDPE (High-Density Poly-ethylene) Tamper Evident Ring. This dropper only fits any bottles with an 18-DIN neck. It allows for steady dispensing for many types of products such as inks, dyes, essentials oils, and more.

Directions For Use: When you fully screw down the cap, it forces a plastic orifice reducer and inverted dropper tip into the opening of the bottle. When you flip the dropper, It allows for steady dispensing a small amount of product. When the cap is unscrewed, the tamper-evident ring is broken and the insert remains inside the bottle opening.

PP Polypropylene has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius)

HDPE High Density Poly-ethylene has high strength, good resistance to chemicals, impact resistance, highly rigid, and scratch-resistant.

Capacity: Not applicable

Material: PVC (cap and dropper 1.2 mm orifice)

Color: Black

Country of Origin: Black Cap China

Euro Caps not included with bottle purchase and they have to be purchased separately based on your preference.

NOTE: If you are looking for smaller orifice Please refer to our other listing of Euro dropper Orifice 0.9 mm.

Please Click on the attached link:

18-DIN Heavy Duty Euro dropper 0.9mm Orifice- Best Prices and Quality from Get Natural Essential Oils


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