Description: Clementine, a natural hybrid of mandarin and sweet orange, produces an essential oil abundant in limonene with an array of benefits. Clementine has a distinct aroma that is similar to that of Wild Orange oil, but with subtle Lemon notes. Aromatic benefits of Clementine include elevation of mood and positive emotions. Citrus oils, including Clementine, can also help you feel more invigorated and less anxious. Not only does diffusing Clementine lift your emotions, it also purifies and cleanses the air. Clementine Essential Oil, like all citrus fruits, is rich in Vitamin C which helps collagen production and supports skin’s structure. It also includes flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that protect against free radical damage and promote skin’s healing ability for a reduced appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Botanical Name: Citrus Nobilis

Plant Part: Peel or zest.

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

Odor and Appearance: It is pale yellow-to-orange in appearance with a fresh citrus aroma.

Country of origin: Italy

Main Constituents: limonene, γ-terpinene, β-pinene, myrcene, α-pinene, and sabinene.

Common Uses: Include incorporating it into natural perfumes and fragrances for its fresh and uplifting citrus aroma, using it in aromatherapy to create a cheerful and invigorating atmosphere, adding it to skincare products for its potential benefits on the skin’s appearance, blending it into massage oils to promote relaxation and ease tension, and using it in diffusers to create a bright and revitalizing ambiance.

Note: Top note.

Blends well with: Orange, Lemon, Lavender and Neroli.

Contraindications: Clementine Essential Oil, like many citrus oils, can cause skin photosensitivity, making the skin more sensitive to sunlight and potentially leading to sunburn or skin discoloration if applied before exposure to UV rays; therefore, it should be used with caution and proper dilution, and sun exposure should be avoided after application.

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