Frankincense essential oil derived from B. carteri is arguably the most sought after type of Frankincense, primarily because of its deep, warm, herbal aroma, which induces remarkable calming and meditative effects.

Boswellia carteri plants are astonishingly adaptable, seemingly able to sprout from bare rock.

Like serrata, carteri resin has high concentrations of terpenes, which are useful in the treatment of many health conditions, including cancer.

Carteri essential oil has a much more potent aroma than serrata and is preferable in aromatherapy. It’s also less readily available in the market, and is, therefore, pricier.

Frankincense owes its value to its concentration of beneficial compounds, which include terpenes- such as ?-pinene and b-pinene, camphene, phellandrene, and dipentene. Additionally, the oil is known to harbor substantial amounts of linalool, octyl acetate, bornyl acetate, and incensole acetate.

Terpenes are the most important constituents of frankincense oil because, according to research, they have active antitoxic, antiseptic, antibacterial, and expectorant properties. When inhaled, terpenes also have a stimulating effect on the brain

Odor and Appearance : Nearly colorless liquid

Country of origin : United Kingdom, France (Note: Item shipped will be from origin in-stock)

Botanical name : Boswella Carterii

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