Organic Spike Lavender Essential Oil derived from lavandula latifolia, has a higher level of oxides and lower levels of alcohols, making it more effective for decongestant, expectorant and immune stimulant purposes. While it does share the antifungal, immunostimulant and anti-microbial properties of true lavender or lavandin, these properties will likely not be present to the same degree. Spike lavender is common uses are similar to those of true lavender, yet organic spike lavender tends to be more popular in in the fragrance and cosmetic industry and specifically in soap making. Steam distillation of its flowering tops.


Odor and Appearance : The aromas are camphorous, spicy and floral, the product a clear, colorless liquid with a fresh middle fragrance note. Clear yellowish color.

Country of origin : Spain

Botanical name : Lavandula latifolia


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