Spanish Lavender Essential Oil in our opinion is a good contender to the one from France and Bulgaria, this batch is a bit sweeter and is less in camphor than what you typically get from Spain and quite pleasing.

Lavender Essential Oil ranks among the most popular and versatile essential oils. From ancient history to today, lavender has had much of the same uses. The Romans used it in their soaps; the Egyptians in their perfumes; and the French, during the Renaissance era, used it to wash their clothing. Today, lavender is one of the most recognizable scents and is often used in flower bouquets to provide a mild but satisfying floral aroma. A middle note in perfumery, lavender is known to have sedative properties and reduce stress and anxiety. Lavender essential oil is among the safest of essential oils, when diluted properly; it can be used to treat minor cuts and scrapes on children

You can be assured when buying from us, you’ll only receive natural oil. A colorless or yellow liquid having the characteristic odor and taste of lavender flowers.


Odor and Appearance : Infrared spectrum to match standard.

Country of origin : Spain

Botanical name : Lavandula angustifolia


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