Blood Orange (Citrus Sinensis) essential oil, is one of the most popular essential oils used in bath and body products.

The aromatic and therapeutic properties of Blood Orange Essential Oil and Sweet Orange Oil are similar and can be used for the same purposes. Blood Orange Essential Oil is a little more zesty and bright than Sweet Orange.

And it’s no doubt because of its sweet, fruity aroma that perfectly smells like a “just peeled” orange. In fact, most citrus essential oils are extracted by cold pressing the rinds of the fruit, which is where the essential oils are stored naturally. That is the essential oil from the orange, which also generates the iconic odor of the orange fruit.

Extracted by cold pressing the rinds of the fruit and further rectified to reduce terpenes and increase aldehydes, alcohols and esters.

Odor and appearance :  Pale yellow to dark orange color and an intense citrusy (orange) aroma.

Country of Origin : Italy

Botanical Name : Citrus Sinensis

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