Opoponax resin is collected from Commiphora guidottii, a tree found growing in tropical and subtropical areas throughout Africa and Asia. Hailing from the same family as myrrh (Commiphora myrrh), opopanax in its resinous form has long been heated and used as an incense. However, opopanax’s fragrance is sweet and soft, with resinous and balsamic notes and without myrrh’s sometimes imposing pungency and earthiness, earning it the nickname “sweet myrrh.” Opoponax resin has had some occasional use in herbal folk medicine, mostly as an antispasmodic, deobstruent, remedy for hysteria and to sharpen the senses. It was reportedly also used as an emmenagogue though there is little evidence to support this particular use today instead being reserved most commonly for aromatherapy and perfume.

Country of origin : Ethiopia

Botanical name : Commiphora erthraea

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