Solubol meet iSolubol, iSolubol can perform better than Solubol and it is 1/3rd the price of Solubol. iSolubol is produced in USA and can be shipped within one business day.

iSolubol is made with combination of organic and natural ingredients. iSolubol binds perfectly with oils, powders and water, once blended no additional stirring or shaking in future is needed when the finished product is kept on the shelf for extended duration.

iSolubol can be used an emulsifier to blend oil and water and it’s perfect for various desired cosmetic formulation. Once the products are blended, no stirring or agitation is required at a later date to use the product because product separation is unlikely when using iSolubol.

Check our prices on iSolubol and we are certain it’ll reduce your cost in product formulation, it’s much more affordable than solubol and easily available. It’s created in USA and can be shipped within one business day.

We are offering 1 oz sample of our iSolubol for free, limited to only 1 per customer.


Organic vegetable glycerin (20,00% to 50,00%)

Water ( 20,00% to 30,00%)

Organic Soy lecithin (1,00% to 10,00%)

Natural extracts of coconut (aka food grade polysorbate) (1,00% to 40,00%)

Vitamin E acetate (0,01% to 2,00%)

Please contact us for larger quantity.